Candy Clicker: The faster you click, the more candies you’ll create on Facebook

In respose to the Cookie Clicker craze, we have Candy Clikers. Where cookie cliker asks players to bake cookies as fast as they can, Candy Clicker asks players to collect candies in the same way, purchasing factories and generally clicking as fast as they can to accumulate more.

Candy Cliker is virtually identical to Candy Cliker it terms of its main gameplay format. Items are available to purchase on the right side of the screen, with each being unlocked for larger and larger amounts of candy. The more of these items players purchase, the faster their candies will accumulate, and the faster they can purchase more.

The entire game is a cycle of rapidly clicking to accumulate tons of candies, and then spending them to make the game automatically produce more while you’re not actually clicking. Players can unlock a variety of achievements for clicking specific numbers of times, or collecting massive amounts of candies, and they can earn bonuses in candy production by inviting friends to play as well.

While Candy Cliker can eventually be played as more of a passive experience, the game does incentivize players to keep clicking on the screen manually, as each click will become worth more than just one or two pieces of candy. Players can also purchase limited time boosts in candy production with real money, in order to skip the early stages altogether.

Candy Cliker is now available to play for free on Facebook.

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Writen on October 30, 2013 at Facebook Games

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