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Do you like cooking? Okay..You can cook on facebook now. Zynga’s one of the biggest developer on facebook games, presented ChefVille, the newest game from the company incorporates a new “Game to Table” model, allowing you to earn real-world recipes while you play.

ChefVille is launching with over 200 in-game recipes, with 50 of those recipes also available as real-world meals you can also create at home. Roughly every 5 recipes you unlock in the game itself will also send a recipe via email to your inbox you can use to whip up the same meal in your own kitchen.

Each dish has a different cooking time and different set of required ingredients, forcing you to either grow ingredients in your restaurant’s garden or ask for ingredients from friends. Similar to Zynga’s first cooking game, Cafe World, you’ll be able to add individual tables (that come connected to chairs) and decorations to your restaurant, making it your very own. We’ll have more complete thoughts on ChefVille in the near future, so keep checking back for more!

Social elements are, as usual, heavyweight in gameplay. You need to share and trade fresh ingredients with friends, pay visits to others’ restaurants and taste their food (with certain ingredients in return perhaps), offer VIP services such as violin performance for guests, and earn rave reviews from friends for bonus rewards.

Okay…Let’s play ChefVille now and let’s see this video trailer. Enjoy it..

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Writen on August 23, 2012 at Facebook Games

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