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pet resque facebookOne again facebook puzzle games is ready to you. Social game developer today announced it’s bringing Candy Crush Saga to mobile devices, as well as the launch of its newest “Saga” game: Pet Rescue Saga.

Pet Rescue Saga for Facebook is a Diamond Dash-style block-matching game that’s built around familiar mechanics, but adds a couple of welcome gameplay twists. The end result is a competent and addictive puzzle game that can potentially keep you engaged for hours.

How to play this game? This game is simple , You click on similarly-colored blocks in groups of two or more (a bit of a change from the usual three or more). The bigger the group, the more points you score. Some levels of Pet Rescue Saga have dogs, pigs, and pigeons trapped on stacks of blocks, or wedged in columns. When you successfully clear away blocks, said animals drop safely to the ground. However, since many levels of Pet Rescue Saga scroll vertically, the animals on tall columns are in constant danger of getting squished on the top of the screen. Nothing ruins your day like the anguished squeal of a piglet. Let’s see the first level below.

Pet Rescue Saga is cool and beautiful addition to’s games. Its tried-and-tested gameplay mechanics mean that it will likely prove popular with fans of other Facebook puzzle games, and’s skill at user acquisition and monetization will doubtless ensure that it is a big success in the long term. Pet Rescue Saga isn’t especially original, but it’s not an unpleasant experience, either. It’s fun, and you can potentially play it for ages before getting booted off. As far as Facebook games are concerned, that’s not bad at all.

Let’s play Pet Rescue Saga with CLICK HERE.

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Writen on November 21, 2012 at Facebook Games

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