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Let’s download Subway Surfers facebook games here. Subway surfers is a fun and addictive game from developers Kiloo and SYBO. You are a young graffiti artist who is caught by security while spray painting a train, and then you have to run for your life and try to avoid being caught.

This game is so cool and interest. The object of the game is not as much as unlocking new levels, but beating a high score by going as far as one can go. It’s a nice combination of cuteness and wit, where the hero needs to flee from the hands of the scary train inspector and his dog by zipping through railways while collecting coins and special items along the way. The default character is a boy named Jake, but more colorful characters are available for purchase at the store. The hero needs to dodge oncoming trains, otherwise he gets run over and caught by the train inspector.

Game controls are very similar to that of other running games: using swiping motions up, down or sideways. However, there are times when I could have sworn I’ve swiped on time but the game didn’t respond as quickly, causing me to lose that round. It does come to a point when one can’t help but think it’s a game of luck and not of skill.

Let’s see the Subway Surfers trailer below.

Okay..Let’s Download Subway Surfers with click here.

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