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lost bubble facebook gamesOne again beautiful and fun facebook games for you. Lost Buble facebook games is new facebook games with 1 million facebook users play it. Lost Bubble is a new English-language release from Middle Eastern developer Peak Games. As the title suggests, the game takes the form of a fairly conventional bubble shooter but has seen some strong growth recently.

Lost Bubble’s gameplay is simple and fairly standard for the genre. Using a bubble-firing magic wand at the base of the screen, players fire bubbles towards a predefined arrangement at the top in an attempt to cause a “Pandora’s Box” special item to fall.

lost bubble facebook games

Players must connecting three or more bubbles of the same color causes them to pop and disappear, and if this causes an arrangement of bubbles to no longer be connected to the top of the screen, they fall to the bottom and turn into collectible coins and point-scoring stars.

Players accept a bound cardinal of bubbles with which to complete anniversary level, and they additionally abort if they hit Pandora’s Box with a bubble — something wsomething which the game doesn’t make clear until after it has happened for the first time.

Lost Balloon is a solid, if rather unremarkable, archetype of a balloon shooter. It plays well, runs calmly and has the abeyant to monetize well, decidedly accustomed the cardinal of users it has been acrimonious up recently.


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Writen on May 19, 2012 at Facebook Games