Let’s Play Family Farm on Facebook

Do you like play FarmVille ? Now, Let’s play Family Farm. Family Farm is a fun life simulation tycoon game which offers a great deal of gameplay. Like a Farmville, Family Farm is ready to exchange Farmville.

The game presents a bird’s-eye view of the farm, with the ability to zoom in and out. The game world is tile-based, so you can easily plan fields, corrals, orchards and other game objects. Family farm features 10 life stories and it’s not always easy to fulfil the requirements of some stories first time round. You can choose to carry on through the seasons or move on. Players are given a projected outcome to fill and the seasons are forever changing, which means you have to keep an eye on soil conditions and what people really want from the farm.

There’s a great selection of customization and the on screen tutorial helps you throughout the game, ensuring you are not dropped in at the deep end. During the game, I felt a great sense of relaxation through the changing seasons and the farm like music played pleasantly in the background. Although the graphics were not greatly detailed, they were quite cartoony, they were still visually enjoyable. Taking care of the family and tending to the farm animals felt productive and during the game I unlocked more livestock to tend to from chickens to cows.

Family Farm is an ideal game for the casual gamer and provides a great selection of life stories that will entertain would-be farmers for a long time to come, offering solid game play and a laid back insight into modern farming life. The game monetizes well, though, with a wide range of seasonal goods and promotions on offer. Family Farm’s Facebook page also regularly hosts limited giveaways of hard currency and fosters a sense of community by exhibiting player creations of crop art or high-level farms. Despite the fact the game is clearly not, as it claims, “better than Farmville,” it has obviously managed to build up a small but loyal fan base who enjoy its distinctive, if unpolished, take on the genre.

Let’s play Family farm. But let’s see Family Farm video tutorial:

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Writen on August 29, 2012 at Facebook for Mobile, Facebook Games

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