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New facebook games in 2012, Marvel: Avengers Alliance facebook games is ready for you. I think you know about Marvel heroes, like Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and dozens of others, certainly more fun. Now you can fun on facebook with their adventures.

Marvel Entertainment and Disney Interactive Media Group (DIMG) officially announced the game in the facebook social media based on Marvel characters, Marvel: Avengers Alliance. Game that was developed by Playdom is a tactical war games type that uses the Marvel heroes and their mortal enemies no less famous in a new value standard in production and interactive social media.


Marvel: Avengers Alliance provides a gaming experience that is different tactical battle games on other social media. Here the players will have the opportunity to take some of the Marvel heroes including Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow and many more. Players can also train their heroes to get a extra-unique capabilities, and modify their abilities. Besides it can also make mutually heroes are on a mission the game, thus providing a powerful team.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance background conditions that destroyed the city of Manhattan after the hurricane galaxy. The sworn enemies of the Marvel heroes are ready to block. The players here included in the team as an agent of SHIELD, a counter-espionage organization and peacekeeping in the Marvel universe, to create and lead a team of super heroes is the main purpose of saving the City of New York from the clutches of some well-known enemies like Loki , Doctor Doom and Magneto, including the fight against organized crime such as Hydra and AIM.

In the next few months, Marvel: Avengers Alliance will continue to be developed with the addition of some game content. The player will be able to search for a new battle missions with a better storyline. The super heroes will also continue to be added and their capabilities will be improved with new weapons, combat equipment and power labih and costumes that will add to this lively games.

Curious, please join the SHIELD to start the game this can be done through link

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Writen on May 21, 2012 at Facebook Games

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