Fight and Catch Your Favorite Monster in Monter Galaxy

Do you like play games in facebook? Now, I have review one of the best games in facebook. Monster Galaxy is something unusual and ambitious for Facebook, an attempt to create a clone of Nintendos extraordinarily deep Pokemon RPGs thats friendly to social gameplay. The game’s Facebook page advertises the title as: “Catch Them All! Collect wild monsters and battle to tame the zodiac and save the world!” .

From the first time you play you will see that Monster Galaxy is a higher quality game than many of the Facebook game apps that are being produced. This game lets you control cool Moga (name for the monsters in the game), become a Moga tamer, and claim the title of the best moga tamer in the world!

Battles play out as you would expect, if you’ve spent any amount of time with turn-based gameplay, regardless of whether it was Pokemon or not. Each Moga can choose an attack from two different types – a physical attack or a magical zodiac attack. You, as the Moga tamer, will be able to tell your Moga which attack to use, from a list of four. As all Mogas have zodiac signs, these attacks come into play as the “elemental” portion of gameplay. Certain signs are weaker or stronger against other signs, and you’ll need to quickly learn which signs your pet is stronger against to make the most of your time in battle.


I have 2 tips for you :

  1. Capture Strong Monsters. There are different Mogas in the game and each one has its own unique strength and weakness. But there are also strength variations between monsters in the game. Their stats and skills are just so effective that they obviously belong to the line of strong monsters. Catch the strong monsters as they will be a big help in your quest to become the best Moga Tamer.
  2. In the early game, I recommend catching the Lainedeer. This Moga has good stats, powerful attacks and has the unique regenerate skill. This monster is very tough and will surely make a good addition your arsenal of Mogas. This monster is also a quest Moga and only appears in the winter parts of the map. You need to be patient in capturing this monster because this one is elusive. The waiting game can be very annoying but I assure you this monster is worth the time when you have it with you. Again, its all about patience and waiting for the right opportunities.

Okay..Enjoyed this game.

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Writen on July 19, 2011 at Facebook Games

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