PhoneBook : App for Iphone to Find Your Friends Number

Do you have the Iphone? Iphone is one of the best current mobile. Some people in the world has the Iphone. Why do people choose Iphone compared with other mobile? That’s because the iPhone has many attractive features. Among them is the iPhone we can access facebook. Wow .. I think all of Facebook users want to be able to access facebook from anywhere. And with the Iphone, we can access facebook from anywhere.

Today I will give you info on the app for Iphone. This is a app that can be used to access facebook from iphone. Yeah .. This app is PhoneBook.

PhoneBook is one of the best app for the Iphone today. PhoneBook is a Facebook app forĀ  Iphone. PhoneBook is an application to combine your phone number with the address of facebook. Wow .. that’s great application. How does it work?

I’m sure you have got Facebook friends, and you’ve got iPhone contacts, and theres likely overlap, so PhoneBook brings the two together. The free app can sync your Facebook account with your iPhone, and create a visual phonebook of your Facebook friends using your friends photos. Whenever you want to call, send picture on facebook, send messenge on facebook or text message one of your friends, you can just load up the application and click on your friends picture. Wow..I’m not false if I say this is best app for Iphone. Yeah..This is my Facebook PhoneBook.

You are safe and you can get your friends number phone now. With visit here, You can find your number phone of friends. While you shouldnt be concerned about the phonebook being a security issue, you now can protect yourself further if you havent limited your phone visibility to your friends.

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Writen on July 22, 2011 at Facebook Tutorial

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