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One again free facebook games review for you. Zuma Blitz for Facebook is ready for you. Zuma Blitz is PopCap’s second “full-fledged” Facebook game. Do you remember Bejewelled Blitz? PopCap is creator of Bejewelled Blitz. Now it has nearly 30 million players and 100 million sessions daily since being introduced 18 months ago. Wow..So amazing. How about Zuma Blizt features?

PopCap is one of the best developer games on facebook. I’m sure that games for PopCap’s more fun and interest. Zuma Blitz is a game whose quality and polish well exceed that of most other titles you might play that have been on Facebook for years. Theres none of the usual launch lag, instability, lost progress, or missing features. Thats good, because Zumas action-based gameplay would completely fall apart in an environment that failed to run smoothly.

Basically, the same thing as Zuma (you control the frog and have to shoot balls to create rows of three or more andgatheras many points as possible), but with a twist: its a blitz version, meaning that you only have one minute to prove your skills and get the high score. So easy guys..

Okay..I have tips for play this games, Check it out:

Multipier Ball

The first multiplier ball you clear from the board will boost your multiplier to x2, and each subsequent one you clear will push that multiplier up by 1.This multiplier affects everything. With a x8 or higher multiplier, you will be scoring obscene amounts of points from fruits, gap shots, combos, and everything else.

Time Ball

You can double or even triple your playing time by hitting these things regularly with Time Ball. Keep an open eye for them and when your color comes up, get that time bonus!

Fast And Get Paid

Playing a fast game is advantageous, obviously, but were you aware that you get a large chunk of pointsstrictly for playing fast?. Its called the Speed Bonus and it can account for over 100,000 of your points. Keep those matches rolling!

Shoot The Fruits

Fruit will pop up now and then in special areas behind the rails. Fruit can be worth quite a bit, especially late game when your multiplier is up. The higher your level, the more points your fruit is worth.

Hot Frog

Rack up a bunch of matches without losing much time in between them and youll trigger the Hot Frog, which lets you fire 3 consecutive balls of explosive high-scoring FURY. Use them to instantly clear any special balls within their blast radius, as well as fruit. As you become faster as a player, youll be able to activate the Hot Frog more regularly and frequently.

Okay..That’s a little tips for play Zuma Biltz. Enjoy play this games.

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Writen on September 10, 2011 at Facebook Games

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